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Accessing a study for data entry

Accessing a Study

In this article, you will learn how to access a study for data entry. When logging into Castor, an overview is displaying a list of all studies available to this account:

If the study is live i.e. finished and ready for data entry, this is indicated with the green icon and the status 'Live' to the left of the study label. Click on the study to access it and start data entry.

Studies that are not live, i.e. still in maintenance mode, are indicated with a white/blank icon and 'Not Live' status to the left of the study label, and can only be accessed by users with manage rights. If you have manage rights, you can access the study by clicking on it.

If you do not have manage rights and attempt to access a study which is not yet live, the following message is displayed:

For more information about how to set a study to 'live, refer to this article.

Opening a record for data entry

When opening the study, the default view is the Records tab. This overview lists all of the records you are allowed to see. If no records are listed, you can create a new record. To open a record, you can mouse-over the record to show the action icons and click the 'View' (eye) button or you can also double click in the record line:

For more information about entering data - refer to this article.

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