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Can I create automations based on randomization allocation?

It is possible to build automations that take into account the group that the subject is randomized to. For example, you can hide a phase for subjects who are randomized to group A. 

To do this, first add the field type 'Randomization' in your study. Give the field a variable name, e.g. 'randomization'. This will show the randomization allocation (e.g. 'group A'), but in the backend is stored as numbers (0,1,2 - depending on the number of groups you have added and in the order of appearance in the randomization settings). 

Then add a calculation field that can be hidden and will extract the mentioned number. Simply use {randomization}; in the template - if that is your variable name. You can then use this calculation field in an automation where you will be using the same numbers - for example, you can hide a phase if the calculation field is equal to 0. 

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