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Copy steps

You can copy steps in the study structure, the report structure and the survey structure.

To copy a step, click the cog wheel to the right of the step you wish to copy and click 'Copy Step'. 

Enter copied step details

  • Copy to: Choose to which structure type you want to copy the step
  • Location: Choose to which location (phase/report) you want to copy the step
  • Position: Choose the position for the copied step by selecting an existing step from the dropdown menu.
  • New Step name: Choose the new step name. Make sure to choose a unique name, Step names are required to be unique.
  • New Step description: Add a Step description for the copied step.
  • Add or replace prefix/suffix: Add or replace a prefix/suffix for all the variables names in the copied step. 
  • Copy dependencies?: Choose whether you want to copy existing dependencies using the provided dropdown menu. You can select:
    • 'No' to copy the step without dependencies.
    • 'Yes, and refer them to original fields' to copy the step with exact same dependencies.
    • 'Yes, and refer them to the copied fields' to copy the step and make the copied step dependent on the original copied field.

Click 'Save' to copy the step. 

When adding a prefix/suffix, there are three options to choose from:

1. Add a prefix or suffix

Example: If the original step had two variables named blood_pressure_systolic and blood_pressure_diastolic you can add the prefix 'visit_2_' so that the variables on the newly copied step will be named visit_2_blood_pressure_systolic and visit_2_blood_pressure_diastolic.

2. Replace the prefix or suffix

If your original step had two variables, visit_1_blood_pressure_systolic and visit_1_blood_pressure_diastolic, you can replace the section 'visit_1_' with the section 'visit_2_', so that the variables on the newly copied step will be renamed as visit_2_blood_pressure_systolic and visit_2_blood_pressure_diastolic.

3. Do nothing

This option does not add or replace anything in the variable name.

If applicable: please make sure that copied calculations are still referring to the correct variable names.

Copy a phase

It is only possible to copy a single step at once. If you want to duplicate a phase, you can export the phase and import it again on the new position. Note - since variable names must be unique, you will need to change the variable names within the copied phase.

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