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I created a record with a wrong record ID. Can I change it?

Once a record is created, it's not possible to modify the record ID. 

It is possible to export the data that has been collected for this record ID, then create a new record ID and import the collected data into the new record ID, following the steps below.

Please note that it is only possible to import study and report data; it is not possible to import survey data, comments, or queries.

  1. Export the data of the record in .csv format.
  2. Unzip the file. 
  3. Create a new record with the right record ID.
  4. Import study data
    • Upon importing, select the file that contains study data. It will look like 'STUDYNAME_export_DATE.csv'. 
  5. Import report data
    • Reports are saved in separate files. For example, SAE reports are stored in the file 'STUDYNAME_SAE_DATE.csv' and repeated blood pressure measurements are stored in the file 'STUDYNAME_Blood_pressure_DATE.csv'. You will have to import every report separately. 
  6. Delete the 'old' record with the incorrect record ID.

Once the data is imported to the corrected ID, the old record ID may be archived or deleted.

Castor Support can also assist with renaming record IDs for studies that are live and collecting data and there is a large number of records that need to be modified.

Note: If you would like to change the record ID for a record that has been randomized, please contact indicating the study ID, original record ID and new record ID.

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