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The 'Slider' field

Sliders are often used in surveys and scales, e.g. a Likert scale. 

When using a slider field, you are not only asked to specify the variable name and the slider orientation, but must also indicate the lower and upper limits of the slider (numerical values), the limits labels and the slider increment. 

There are a number of possible options available for the slider orientation, these influence the appearance of the slider in your forms:

Below are some examples showing how different sliders are displayed in a study form:

Horizontal, show value:

Horizontal with ticks, show value:

Horizontal with ticks and numbers (0-100), show value:

Vertical, show value:

Vertical with ticks, show value:

Vertical with ticks and numbers (0-100), show value:

It is possible to use decimals as a slider increment:

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