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Copy a survey or survey steps

You can copy a whole survey by clicking on the cogwheel next to a survey in the 'Structure' tab:

You can also copy single survey steps into the same or another survey. This will copy all the existing fields in that step. Go to the 'Surveys' sub-tab in the 'Structure' tab. Select the survey you want to copy steps from, find the step to be copied and click on the cogwheel next to a survey step, selecting 'Copy step':

When 'Copy step' is clicked, a dialog window appears in which additional details can be entered about the step, such as name, description and the location of the copied step:

  1. Choose from the available options where the copied step should be placed and the location of the copied step within the new survey structure. Choose the Position of the copied step in the survey from the drop-down menu and enter the new Step name - this should be unique. You can also add a Step description for the copied step, if applicable.
  2. You can add or replace the prefix/suffix for all variable names in the copied step, i.e. if the original step contains two variables, blood_pressure_systolic and blood_pressure_diastolic, you can add the prefix 'visit_2_' here, so that the variables on the newly copied step will be named visit_2_blood_pressure_systolic and visit_2_blood_pressure_diastolic. You can also choose to add a suffix, or do nothing. If you select 'Do Nothing', suffix '_1' will be added to the variable names of the copied step.
  3. To copy dependencies, select either 'Yes, and refer them to original fields' or 'Yes, and refer them to the copied fields' from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, select no. Beware that if some of the fields are dependent on fields located in another step of the survey, the dependencies will not be copied.

Press 'Save' to save the changes.

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