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Castor EDC 2018.1 release notes

*2018.1.4: Fix, API swagger documentation and some security updates.

*2018.1.3: Fix, batch reinvite for surveys would break when there was one failed (bounced) invitation.

*2018.1.2: Fix, survey invites that were not send via the automation engine.

*2018.1.1: API authorization security update.


New statuses are added for surveys: Created, Sent, Viewed and Failed. 

  • Created: survey has been created but not yet sent. 
  • Sent: survey has been sent but not yet opened. 
  • Viewed: survey has been been viewed, but no data is entered yet. 
  • Failed: indicates that the survey invititation did not get to the recipient. Most likely because the email address is incorrect. The failed status is still under development and does now only work for resending an invitation. In the future the failed status will also be shown when the first invitation fails.

Audit trail

  • Added viewing of audit trail and survey data as new audit trail events for compliance

  • Updated several form structure update audit trail entries to be more comprehensive.

Study invitations

We included the following text in the email: “Please follow this link to access your studies.” so that the invited user has a direct link to CastorEDC.

API updates

Several API updates, including:

  • Documentation updated for some missing items. 
  • Randomization info added to the /record endpoint (if the requester has randomization rights for the study and record). 
  • Field validations are now returned for the endpoints:
    • study/{study_id}/record/{record_id}/survey-data-point
    • study/{study_id}/record/{record_id}/report-data-point
    • study/{study_id}/record/{record_id}/study-data-point
  • Endpoint added for retrieving queries: /study/{study_id}/query.

Data import

  • The data import limitions are increased. Previously the limit was 250 rows per file, regardless of the number of columns. This has been updated to 25000 data points. As explained in the import dialog, the data points are calculated as rows * columns in the file.

Small bug fixes:

  • Survey steps had the option to add Remark and Summary fields as dependency parents, this is no longer possible.
  • If you edited a Remark field that was copied from another step, it required a variable name which was not possible to enter in the edit field. The variable name is now not asked anymore.
  • “Is not” dependency was also triggered when “user missing” was checked, this is no longer the case.

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