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Castor EDC 2018.2 release notes

Released 10 April 2018


  • Square brackets are no longer supported in summary field templates. If the summary template is referencing a variable (a previous field) which itself has square brackets (e.g. an option label), that will be displayed correctly.
  • Some automations didn't work properly due to a previous bug. This bug has been fixed, but the automations will need to be redone by users. We will contact all study admins who have studies with broken automations with a walk-through on how to fix these.

Main features & enhancements

Design refresh
  • New icons, buttons and primary colors of the app.
  • Export/Import buttons moved to the top.
  • Manage groups button moved to the survey tab.
  • New popup for data entry that combines all warnings and reason for changes that are required.

  • (Source) Data verification
    • You can add your own type of verification in study settings.
    • Rights required for data verification: Edit or Query rights.
      Known limitations: The verification on a step is not dropped when the structure of the step is changed in the form builder. This will be added in a future release.

  • New user rights
    • Email right: this right allows users to view and edit email addresses within a record or survey invitation. Think of this right as the possibility for a user to view a patient's email address.
      (Note: As this right was previously part of the "Edit" right, all existing users with edit rights are given this right)
    • Randomization rights have been split in "View randomization" and "Randomize" rights. The View randomization right only allows for access to the randomization allocation. The randomize right allows the user to randomize a record. 
      (Note: As these rights were previously combined in the Randomization right, all existing users with the randomization right are given both new rights)

  • Server (data storage location) selection
    • During registration you can set your main data storage location. After registration you can still choose to start a study on a different server.
    • On the Login screen you can select the server you want to access, studies that are started on for example the EU server in the Netherlands can not be accessed when logged in on the US server.

  • API enhancements
    • It is now possible to store multiple data points in one single request using the /data-point-collection endpoint
    • We now allow the use of authorization codes for the API.
    • /record endpoint now creates records with a record ID as specified in the study settings.
    • Data points stored via the API now return an error message if they are triggering a validation of the type Error, as defined in the form builder.
    • Field dependencies can be retrieved via the /field-dependency endpoint and the /field endpoint
    • Added /survey-step endpoint, similar to /step and /report-step.
    • Included functionality to lock/unlock surveys packages via /surveypackageinstance endpoint
      Known limitations: the new POST method for the /data-point-collection endpoint is not yet covered in the API documentation page. The documentation be available in 2018.3.

  • FHIR importer upgrade
    • FHIR importer has been upgraded and can now handle v3 messages.

  • Automation engine improvement
    • Automations do not get triggered on every field anymore, therefore study performance is not affected and the automations work as expected.

Small updates and bug fixes

  • Better warning message when record is created with an existing ID.
  • When randomization is not enabled in the study settings, it no longer shows up in your data export.
  • Queries created by the automation engine now also trigger "Query created" notifications, if these are set up in the study.
  • When creating a grid field, it is now possible to create a new option group in the grid field configuration similar to radio buttons, dropdowns and checkboxes.
  • Data exported to excel now includes more extensive information on the data points, such as field limits, units and dependencies.
  • The message for re-sending survey invitations was misleading and has been changed to: "Resend with previous text" instead of "Use original texts and send".
  • Study users who view a survey or enter survey results are now logged in the audit trail with their username instead of "Survey respondent".
  • Users who were deleted from a study are now reflected in the audit trail with their user name instead of "Unknown user".
  • In Internet Explorer 9 it is now possible to save the study settings even when no main study contact is selected.
  • If you archived/deleted a record that had been randomized and created a new record with the same ID, we used to export the randomization date from the former record.
  • Fixed bug where apostrophes in option groups were not displaying correctly.
  • Survey data from fields without variable names were sometimes not displayed when printing a survey, this has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug where exporting a study structure in Firefox was not possible.
  • Queries created by the automation engine used to always have the status Open, even when the automation was configured to create Unconfirmed queries.
  • Automations that had been edited did not work properly, this has also been fixed.

2018.2.1 updates

Fixed a bug where 'Verify phase' would prevent steps from loading in IE11

Added load mask when sending survey reinvites to prevent invites being sent multiple times

Fixed ordering of option group options in gridfield dropdowns

Fixed a bug where 'is not' validations would not trigger appropriately for checkboxes

Fixed timezone settings for US and UK servers.

2018.2.2 updates

Fixed a bug with record progress and hidden phases/steps.

Fixed an issue where surveys could be completed while incomplete when force step completion was enabled.


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