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Castor EDC 2018.4 release notes

Main features & enhancements

Study settings

  • IP whitelisting has been added. Within the study settings it is now possible to whitelist a range of IP addresses. If a study admin enables this feature, the study is only accessible from the IP addresses on the list.


  • Obligatory 90-day password rotation and 2-factor authentication is now available and can be enforced on domain. Once enabled, the users with accounts using the domain will be required to change their password every 90 days and/or enable 2-factor authentication for their account. This can only be requested on institute level as this applies to all users within a domain.

User efficiency improvements

  • A few keyboard shortcuts have been added to quickly navigate through different tabs and open dialogs. The manual pop-up for the shortcuts can be found in the support dropdown.
  • Direct focus is now available on the first field of a form in many areas in the system to allow for easy navigation and typing. 


  • A new tab has been added to the monitoring overview which shows all dropped verifications. The phase, step, and field on which the verification was dropped is shown, as well as the date and the user that updated the data.
  • A new tab has been added to the monitoring overview which shows all active validations present in the study (except errors). This tab will become available for everyone over the course of the next few days as we need to prepare the data for it. The overview will show the record, institute, creation date, field name, field value, the operator used in the validation, the reference value and the validation type.

Audit trail

  • "Study opened" event has been added, indicating which user opened the study along with the time stamp. This event will be recorded every time a user opens the study.
  • "User invited" event has been added and it contains information about the user that has been invited and who invited the user.
  • "User access updated" event has been changed, it now contains all old and new rights of the user and information about the user that updated the rights.

Form builder

  • It is now possible to add links within the remark field leading to external sources. Clicking the link in data entry will open it in a new tab.

Data entry

  • When a document is uploaded in an upload field, the file no longer directly downloads when clicking on the file name. Instead, there is a download button; for image files and PDF there is also an option to view the file without downloading.

Rights overview


  • There is a new endpoint available that allows API users to create multiple report instances at once: /study/{study_id}/record/{record_id}/report-instance-collection

Deprecation notice

As of release 2018.5 (the next release) we will disable support for TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 to improve our security. This means that we will drop support for Windows XP (IE 7-8), Windows Server 2003 (IE 7-8) and Windows Vista (IE 7-9). For Windows 7, 8 and Windows Server 2008 (R2), configuration of Internet Explorer 8-10 will need to be updated to be able to keep using Castor. We will follow-up with a blog post with more details before the next release.

Bug fixes & small improvements

  • It is no longer required to provide a reason when changing a field with dependencies and thereby clearing the dependent fields.
  • In the surveys overview, the status was reset to "Sent" when the survey invitation is resent. This is no longer the case; now, the initial status is kept.
  • The browse button for upload fields in surveys was not visible for mobile devices. This has been fixed.
  • Previously reports attached to a phase were ordered randomly at the end of a phase. These reports are now ordered based on creation date.
  • Reports that were attached to a different report used to show "No parent" or "Unknown phase" in the "Assigned to" column, this has been fixed and now shows the correct report that it is attached to.
  • Fields used for stratification should not be editable. There was one possibility in the form builder to still open the stratification field by entering it via the search field in the form builder. This has been fixed.
  • Data from text fields that contained special characters was not exported properly. This was also the case with exported dropdown field labels. Both are now fixed.
  • There was no message informing the user that the duration field in study settings was required when trying to go live with no duration set. We now inform the user that the duration has to be set in order to go live.
  • There were some XSS vulnerabilities that have been fixed to improve overall security.

2018.4.1 updates

  • Resolved an issue where field labels and options did not show correctly in the app
  • Resolved an issue where excel exports did not contain non-numeric option group values

2018.4.2 updates

  • Resolved an issue where the user was not able to save field values if the field had a maximum limit with a decimal.


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