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Castor EDC 2018.5 release notes

Main features & improvement

Design updates

  • A few colors in the system have been updated. These include the blue colors in the headers and the green colors in the record progress.
  • Updated fonts throughout the app.
  • Updated record overview.
  • Updated record progress in data entry.
  • Updated data entry banners for locked, signed and verified steps.
  • Updated buttons, cog menu's, checkboxes and loading masks.
  • New banner in the app that informs the user 2 days up front that a new release is coming and informs the user on the new release when logging in after a release.

Data entry

  • Below the record progress in data entry there is an option to show/hide the reports attached to a phase in the phase navigator. This allows for a cleaner phase overview if the reports do not need to be visible.

Survey packages

  • Survey packages now contain a default invitation mail that can be changed, but already contains the {url} tags that are often forgotten when creating a survey invitation.

Automation engine

  • New queries that are created by the automation engine have some additional information in the comment that shows that it is not a human generated query: “Automatically generated query.”


  • /study/{study_id}/surveypackageinstance endpoint now enables the user to input record_id as well as ccr_patient_id. Previously it was only possible to send a request with a record_id.

Bug fixes & small improvements

  • For security reasons it is no longer possible to upload SVG images in the app.
  • Manual/support button on the right of the screen has been removed as we are migrating to a new knowledge base. The manual and 'Ask for support' option can still be used in the support dropdown at the top right corner. 
  • Institute abbreviations can now contain up to 6 characters, this used to be 5.
  • Changing the email address in account settings invalidates all previously sent password reset links.
  • Adding dependencies on randomization fields and including randomization fields in calculation was not working for records that were already randomized. It is now possible to update your study with these changes after randomization of the record.
  • In some cases where there were remark fields and dependencies on the same step, the dependent fields showed the wrong field number on which they were dependent in the form builder. This was only a wrong number in the form builder, the dependency worked on the correct fields.
  • Creating survey invitations and sending them via the API can now only be done with the correct institute rights.
  • (Re)send survey button in the survey overview now checks for the correct institute rights before (re)sending a survey.
  • When GCP is enabled, it was not possible to clear an upload field. This has been fixed.

Minor updates:

Release 2018.5.1

  • Fixed uploaded image issue in Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed issue with display and use of Patient IDs.

Release 2018.5.2

  • Fixed issue where clicking the record grid cog icon would not show the menu.

Release 2018.5.3

  • Fixed issue where timefields on surveys would appear to hang
  • Updated all in-system URLs to new helpdesk.


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