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Why you should use Castor EDC

With Castor EDC you can capture your (medical) research data in a safe and secure way. It's easy to build the forms of your study yourself, without the need for programming knowledge. 

Castor EDC has several advantages over commonly used alternatives such as Excel or Access:  

  • You adhere to Good Clinical Practice Guidelines  
  • Multi-center research is made easy by an advanced rights module  
  • Randomization can be done within Castor EDC
  • You can send surveys via email to your patients   
  • The presence of an audit trail 
  • Possibility to create validations and dependencies 
  • Easy export of your data 
  • And many other advantages

Castor EDC is used by researchers in over 35 countries. The flexibility that comes from being able to build your own forms means that Castor can be used for cross-sectional studies, cohort/registry studies, case-control studies, randomised controlled trials, literature reviews and various other study types.  The advanced rights system allows you to determine the roles and associated access given to researchers building the study, principal investigators overseeing the study or research nurses entering data into Castor.

There are a number of online resources you can use to learn about this article. Make sure that when you start building your study you take into account the study/reports/survey structure Castor uses to build your research forms. Read more about the Castor structure here.

Once your study structure is complete, you can invite your users to your study and set your study to live. If your research is initiated from one of the institutes that has signed an institute contract with Castor you can use the institute’s billing code to go live, otherwise you can fill in the field in the invoice details (Settings tab).

During the whole process of building your study and collecting data, we are here to assist you and answer your queries. 

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