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Castor EDC 2018.6 release notes

Main features & improvements

Design updates

  • Height of the blue headers is now smaller

  • In the form builder, the action items for fields now only appear when hovering over the field, similar to the records overview

  • In data entry, the banners indicating a step was signed, locked or verified have been updated

  • In data entry, the phases and steps navigator has been updated with the new styles and icons for Signed, Verified, SDV and locked.


  • Verifying steps and phases can no longer be used if monitoring has not been enabled in study settings. For all studies that used the option to verify steps and phases without having monitoring enabled, we enabled the feature in the study settings. Admins of the studies that are impacted by this change will be contacted.

  • The verification type ‘Source data verification’ has been restricted. When applying this type of verification it is enforced to drop the verification when data is changed. Additionally, there is a new banner in data entry to show a step/phase has been verified with the type ‘Source data verification’ to separate source data verification from other types of verification. In manage verification types in study settings it is no longer possible to edit or remove the type ‘Source data verification’


  • Previously when a record was randomized, the study creator always received a notification about the randomization. This notification was not visible in the notifications overview and could not be edited or removed. For existing studies this notification is now visible and can be edited. For new studies the notification will no longer be created by default.

Bug fixes & small improvements

  • The actions ‘Forgot password’ on the login page and ‘Add user’ in the users tab have been limited to 3 times per minute for the same email address.

  • After changing your password, any previously sent link to reset your password will no longer be valid 

  • The column ‘Last opened’ in the record overview did not actually show the date when the record was last opened, but the date when the record was last updated.  The 'Last opened' column is now only updated when a record is opened. There are now 2 new columns that indicate the last updated date and the user who made the last update.

  • Record creation through the API now allows a minimum of 1 character when the record id is created with free text instead of 5 characters.

  • After creating a comment on a grid field in Internet Explorer, the grid field appeared to be empty. This has been fixed.

  • In the audit trail there were 2 similar events when a field in the form builder has been updated. One has been removed.

  • Performance improvement for studies where the automation engine is extensively used.

Minor updates

Release 2018.6.1

- Fixed not correctly saving of data that was send concurrently for a study. This mainly involved calculations that would send data the same time the calculation source field was filled.

- Fixed non-existing API routes giving status 500 instead of 404

Release 2018.6.2

- Fixed issue when a step was set to User Missing when the single field on it would already be marked as such.


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