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Castor EDC 2018.3 release notes

Main features & enhancements

User overview and rights

  • Added the option "Notify selected users" in the Users tab, which can be used to send an email to all or selected users.
  • User roles per institute are added in the rights overview.
  • (Source) Data verification now has its own right: "Verify", which allows the verification of steps and phases.
    (Note: As this right was previously part of the query right, the new right will be assigned to all users that previously had query rights.)
  • Survey rights are now split in 2 separate rights: "View surveys" and "Send surveys". The view right allows the user to open surveys and print surveys. The send right allows users to create surveys, manage groups, edit survey invitations and (re)send survey invitations. If the user does not have any of the survey rights, the survey tab will not be visible.
    (Note: As these rights were previously part of the edit right, the new rights will be assigned to all users that previously had edit rights.)
    (Note: Options lock, archive and export for surveys are only available if the user has the additional corresponding rights)
  • Added information about each right in the user rights dialog.


  • After a study has been set to live, it is no longer possible to change the randomization settings.

Form builder

  • Added ¬†field finder functionality to the form builder which makes it possible to search for any study/report/survey field within your study based on field label or variable name.

Records overview

  • It is now possible to search records based on data entered in a study field.
  • Custom columns based on study fields can be created in the study settings. They can then be used in the records overview to show the values of the variable in the records overview.
  • Added functionality to only export selected records.

Automation engine

  • Added the option to create and send a survey invitation based on a field value updated event.


  • Updated /data-point-collection endpionts documentation and included endpoints to retrieve data for all records.

Mobile and tablet compatibility

  • Dropdowns in data entry are further optimized for mobile and tablet usage. The keyboard is now triggered on the input field and not on the dropdown arrow.
  • Slider fields in data entry are now optimized for mobile usage.

Bug fixes

  • If a locked survey was opened, the survey overview was not showing the correct status.
  • When going live with randomization enabled, the user is asked if the randomization settings should be reset. If the randomization settings are emtpy and the user chose to reset the randomization, the settings were not saved.
  • It was not possible to create or update an option group if the name of the option group was part of another option group in the study.
  • Time fields were not auto-formatted when the time was entered in the input field instead of selecting a dropdown value.
  • When resending large amounts of survey invites (+200) an error message appeared, although the surveys were in fact sent.
  • Survey invitations that were resent after the record email address was changed still used the old email address of the record.

2018.3.1 updates

  • Resolved an issue with incoming FHIR messages with incomplete data
  • Resolved an issue with a wrong label label for viewing a survey email address when no address was available yet

2018.3.2 updates

  • Resolved an issue with institute filters on notifications

2018.3.3 updates

  • Fixed a timing issue with saving/clearing gridfield data

2018.3.5 updates

  • OAuth2 AccessToken now do not get overwritten per user and client but just expire.
  • Fixed pagination on progress by phases/steps on records tab
  • Fixed incomplete locked toolbar badges in data entry that missed user and timestamp data.

2018.3.6 updates

  • Fixed issue where report with duplicate named report-custom-names between different records could not be imported.

2018.3.7 updates

  • Fixed miscalculation of record progress when a query would be opened or closed.

2018.3.8 updates

  • Fixed editability of survey fields imported of via the Form Structure import

2018.3.9 updates

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent FHIR data import when similar metadata were defined on study and report forms
  • Fixed a bug where setting a step to User Missing would trigger a dependency clearing popup while the fields were empty
  • Added several http security headers to improve security

2018.3.10 updates

  • Fixed a security issue where users without Add permissions could create, but not view records.
  • Changed calculation field execution method to mitigate potential security risks.


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