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Automatically hide phases/steps based on a field value

This guide will help you with creating an automation with the "Hide Step" action. In order to be able to access the Automation Engine, you should first enable beta features in your Settings tab. Go to the 'Settings' tab, 'Study' sub-tab , Scroll down to the section 'Other'. For the field 'Enable beta features', select 'Yes' and  click 'Save changes'. After refreshing the page, the 'Automations' sub-tab will appear under the 'Study' tab.

Please note that all of the below examples use the example forms that are provided for a newly created (test) study.

Hide step works very similarly to hide phase, so this case can be used as an example for hide phase as well (simply just change the hide step action to hide phase). 

It is important to know, that hiding phases or steps is possible in forms but not in surveys.

Note: If you delete this automation, any step you have hidden using this automation will reappear.

Test Parameters

Event: Field Value Updated.
Action: Hide Step "Measurements".
Example Condition: Study Field Value "Can patient participate in the study?" is equal to "No".

Creation Steps

  1. Navigate to the Automation Engine.
  2. Name your Automation (for example: "Hide measurements when patient cannot participate in study").
  3. Select Event: Field Value Updated
  4. Select Condition
    1. Condition Type: Study Field Value
    2. Condition Field: "Can patient participate in the study?"
    3. Condition Field Requirement: equal to "No"
  5. Select Action
    1. Action Type: Hide Step
    2. Action Step: Measurements
    3. Save your Automation

  6. Test your Automation
    1. Navigate to the Records page in study management.
    2. Either create a new test record via the "Create a new record" button or access a test record.
    3. In data-entry, find the field "Can patient participate in the study?". Specify the answer "No" by:
      1. Set "Does the patient have example disease?" to "Yes".
      2. Set "Is patient older than 65" to "No".
      3. Set "Has the patient signed informed consent?" to "Yes".
    4. Viewing the step navigator, something should have changed. First, notice that the Measurements step has disappeared. Furthermore, the progress bar for the record should adapt to reflect the smaller number of questions.

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