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Data in a grid field has disappeared. How can I fix it?

What happened?

You have previously entered data in a grid field and now you can no longer see it. Adding new data also doesn't save. 

What is the reason?

If you are experiencing problems with saving data in grid fields, the most likely reason is that you have changed the grid field configuration after data was entered. For example, you might have added or removed a column or row to your grid field. For this reason you get a warning when attempting to change the configuration of a grid field in a live study.

What can you do?

The data is not lost: it is still in the database, retrievable in the audit trail, and it will be exported. However, it is not visible in your records. What you can do is:

- revert the grid field back to its original state (e.g. if you removed a column, adding the column back to the field will retrieve the data)

- check the audit trail for previous entries in the field and re-enter them (please note - it is not possible to import data into grid fields)

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