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Import grid field data

It is now possible to import grid field data into Castor.

When a grid field is exported, each grid cell is exported as its own column, which is labeled as Variablename_rowname_columnname.  The grid data should be prepared for import in the same way.

An example of this can be seen here. We have a grid field with the variable name 'grid_test' containing 3 columns, 'Hip', 'Knee' and 'Ankle' and 3 rows: 'Date', 'Score' and 'Range of Movement'. The configuration shows that each cell contains a 'number' field. 

Our spreadsheet, prepared for import, contains a column for each grid column and row:

Once the data is prepared for import, we must save the file as CSV and then it can be imported into the study:

In this case, a combination of date fields, number fields and dropdown fields are present in the grid. If you are importing dates, make sure the date is correctly formatted, i.e. in the format dd-mm-yyyy. When adding data for dropdown fields, the import file should contain the respective option's value. 

For more information on importing spreadsheet data, see the article Import study data.

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