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EQ-5D in Castor

EQ-5D® is a standardized instrument for use as a measure of health outcome. Castor EDC and the EuroQol Research Foundation have collaborated to produce pre-made Castor EDC forms for the EQ-5D surveys.

This simplifies the process of accessing and sending these surveys by eliminating the need for screenshot review by EuroQol.

The surveys are available in both Dutch and English, for EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L. Castor users can obtain these surveys by registering their studies on the EuroQoL website. For academic studies, Castor EDC’s EQ-5D modules can be used for free (after registration). For commercial studies, a license fee will be charged according to EuroQoL’s user policy.

A demo version of the Castor EQ-5D surveys can be found here

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