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Introduction to the 'My Studies' overview

After logging into Castor, the 'My Studies' overview is shown. This overview provides a list of the studies you are currently participating in.

From this overview, we can find out several details about the studies that we are a user in that region. The studies are sorted by the most recent creation date of the studies. We can change this view and find out information about the studies as described below:

  1. 'Search' bar: allows you to search for a specific study by name or by study ID, and allows partial matching.
  2. 'Order by' menu: can be used to change the order of the study list, to sort by oldest or newest studies first, or alphabetically/reverse alphabetically (A-Z, Z-A).
  3. + New study: click here to create a new study.
  4. Filters: opens a list of filters by which you can narrow down the list of studies shown in your overview:

If you are using an AU server or a US server, you will only be able to view the studies for each respective server and the Server option will not be shown in the Filters:

5. The study name and status are also displayed in the overview:

Study status: this indicates the current status of the study. An empty circle alongside 'Not Live' means that the study is not active, which means it may be in development or already completed. A green circle icon alongside 'Live' means that the study is currently active and data collection is in progress. 

Study name and type: this is the title or name given to the study. Test or example studies will also be labelled as such, and are marked with icons to show their type - a 'test' study is indicated with a blue Erlenmeyer flask icon, and a yellow lightbulb icon is used to signify an 'example' type study. 

Further details about the study can also be found on the right side of the study name:

  1. This shows whether the study is Monocenter or Multicenter - this is based on the number of institutes/centers added to the study.

  2. Server location: shows the name of the server the study is stored on. EU Server relates to the Netherlands server (, UK Server shows studies on, US Server is shown for studies on and EDC Public Australia Server is shown for the studies on For more information on data storage locations, see related article - Server: selecting data storage location.

  3. Study options menu: clicking here will open the options menu for the study. This will show the option to Archive the study

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