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What happens if I reset randomization upon going live?

When setting a study to 'Live' for the first time, you will be offered the option to reset the study's randomization. This means that if you have set up randomization in your study and have randomized test records, you can reset the study's randomization and the test records you have randomized will not affect the randomization of your patient/subject records.

If you select 'Yes' when going live, the randomization of all records will be reset and the randomization blocks are cleared. This means that after going live, you can include and randomize records with clean randomization blocks. Before clicking ‘yes’ please ensure that all the data in the study is test data - it is not recommended to randomize real records before setting the study live for the first time. 

It's important to note that once the study has been live, you won't be able to change the randomization settings or reset the randomization. If you click 'No' when offered to reset the study's randomization during go live, any randomized test records will remain randomized. This will influence all future randomizations in the study.

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