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Structure tab

The Structure tab is where you define the sequence of your study forms and build the main outline of the study.  

When you first open a new study the study structure will be empty. You will need to customize your structure to fit the needs of your study. 

A study can consist of phases, steps, reports and report steps, surveys and survey steps, as well as survey packages.

Study structure

The study structure consists of phases that contain steps (forms). For example, the first phase might represent your first study visit and it could contain a step (form) with demographic data. Phases can be used to create relevant sections of the study or all planned study visits for all the subjects (patients).

For example, a randomized controlled trial study can contain 4 phases, in other words 4 planned visits such a Screening, First Study Visit, Follow-up and Outcome, which has to be filled in by clinicians for all the patients. Each phase (visit) consists of several steps (forms). For example, the Screening phase consists of 3 steps (forms) such as Demographics, Diagnosis and medical history and Study inclusion.

When collecting the data in the forms, phases can be used to organize steps, so it is easy to switch between different steps (forms). In the actual form the phase Screening does not contain any fields (questions), as only steps can contain the fields (questions). 

This is especially beneficial for studies with a lot of visits and structuring the forms in several phases and steps helps to make the forms more-user friendly.

Reports structure

When working with reports, instead of phases you are adding reports themselves. For example, you can add an Adverse event report or Medical history report. Reports only consist of steps, which in turn contain the fields (questions). For example, screenshot below shows an Adverse event report with one step, Event details:

Surveys and Survey Packages structure

Surveys and Survey Packages structure follows the same logic as Reports. You will need to add a survey which will consist of steps (forms). The screenshot below shows a Sleep Questionnaire survey which contains two steps Sleep Pattern and Sleep Quality:

If you want to send a survey, you have to create a survey package. Survey Packages can contain one or multiple surveys. In the survey package, you define the email sender, email subject and email body text (invitation text) that is sent to the participant. The body text should contain the tag {url} - in the 'real' email, the tag will be replaced with a unique link that leads to the survey(s) that the participant can fill in.

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