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QR code field

It is possible to add QR codes to study forms, reports and surveys. QR codes can contain information about the current logged in user, record institute, record id and record values for any variable in the study.

To add a qr code, click the QR code field in the Form builder:

In the QR code data field you can create a template based on information in other fields.

 You can use {variable_name}, which will be replaced to that variable's value for a certain record. The following variables can be used for additional information about the record and user:

{recordId} for the record ID

{instituteId} for the institute ID of the record

{userId} for the ID of the current logged in user

{castorInstituteName} for the institute name of the record

{castorInstituteAbbreviation} for the institute abbreviation of the record

{castorInstituteCountryNameName} for the country of the record

{castorInstituteCountryNameCode} for the two-letter country code of the record

{castorInstituteCountryNameCode3} for the three-letter country code of the record

It is possible to use a combination of these variables

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