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Metadata settings

Castor supports the storage of metadata with your fields, so you can enrich your data set with metadata like SNOMED codes, LOINC codes, or whichever type of metadata you want. To learn more about metadata, follow this link.

Define Metadata Types

In the Settings tab there is a sub-tab called Metadata where you can manage all your study's metadata settings:

To add a new metadata type e.g. SNOMED follow these instructions:

  1. Enter the name and description. 
  2. and click on the button 'Add metadata type. 
  3. All defined metadata will appear in the right panel. 
  4. All fields associated with metadata will be shown in the bottom panel of the Settings.

Save metadata for a field

Once you have defined the metadata type, you can save it for a given field. For example, you can add the standard SNOMED code for gender in your Gender field. To save metadata for a field you follow these instructions or watch the workshop video:

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