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Creating multiple records at once

It is also possible to create multiple records ID at once by importing them.

First, you need to prepare your data horizontally, with the desired record Id(s) and the institute abbreviation (as set in Settings) in one of the first five columns (A-E).
In the Import dialog select the columns containing the record Id and the column with the institute abbreviation.
The first row should always contain all the variable names.

Save your data as a .csv file.

Once your file is ready, on click on 'Import' to import data for multiple records on the Record's tab.

Choose the file and orientation

  • File: Choose the file (newer browsers will always display c:\fakepath as a security measure).
  • Import type: Choose study import type 
  • Record id column: Choose the column from your csv-file that contains the record ID's.
  • Create records that do not exist: Check the box to create new records with the imported data 
  • Institute abbreviation column: Choose the column from your csv-file that contains the abbreviation of the institute
  • Import email addresses: Choose if you want to import email addresses
  • Click Upload

The data importer will show a preview of all data that will be imported, this way it is possible to see the results before it is actually imported and allows for cancelling the import if needed. clicking Accept button will continue the data import.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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