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Why does my password not work on a different server?

Castor has separate databases for user accounts for each region. We have two regions: 

  • Americas (US) region for our US server, which is accessible at
  • European (EU) region for our EU and UK servers, which are accessible at and
  • Australian (AU) region for AU servers is accessible at

This means that if you  have access to studies in different regions, you  have to log into the correct region to access the studies.  

If you change your password in one region, it will only be changed for that single region. If you wish to use the same password to login to servers in both regions, you will have to login and update your password twice - once in each region. Check here how to reset your password.

If you are a user with access to studies on a server in a single region, but will need access to a study on a server in a different region, you need to register a separate account for the second region.

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