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Best practices when working with tablets

Castor EDC supports usage on mobile phones and tablet devices. While this compatibility is something that we are working on improving, we would like to provide you with some helpful tips if the data entry users are navigating the study forms from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet:

  • Use a Pen tablet to improve interactions that require double touch
  • Use Safari or Chrome accessibility tools to increase the standard font size in the browser
  • Use the double tap (native zoom) to focus on the form and increase font sizeĀ 
  • Landscape mode will generally deliver a better experience as the screen ratio reflects a computer desktop
  • When using landscape mode during data entry, the keyboard will take a large portion of the screen. We therefore recommend portrait mode for data entry
  • Datepickers on date fields are very small. On Samsung devices zooming in works, on Ipad issues arise when zooming in.
  • Checkboxes and radiobuttons are also small. Zooming in is an option, but a stylus is probably easiest in use.

If you are specifically interested in Surveys, please check this article.

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