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Metadata for Adverse Event reports

To allow for medical coding of adverse events, medical history, and concomitant medications, we have implemented an out-of-the-box integration with a Medical Coding platform: MedCodr.

MedCodr is a web based solution for coding medical verbatim terms and products to standard dictionaries including MedDRA and WHODrug or custom dictionaries. 

With our partnership with MedCodr, it is now possible to attach metadata from the MedDRA and WHODrug to Adverse Event (AE) reports. This means that, upon adding the verbatim regular terms in an AE report,  it will be possible to use MedCodr (an external service) to browse and attach the correct metadata from the MedDRA and WHODrug to these reports.

How it works?

Castor and MedCodr provide an out-of-the-box integration that supports auto-coding where possible and allows users to easily code remaining uncoded data. Codes are pushed back to Castor in dedicated coding reports that can be exported separately. Castor also provides Coding-as-a-Service for when your team does not have the time or capabilities to perform this task. See our services section.

Through this integration Castor supports coding using MedDRA or WHODrug dictionary versions. Data will first be auto-coded, allowing the user to review those items and code any remaining items. The system supports all necessary term levels and other coding systems are also supported.

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