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Keyboard shortcuts

You can now use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through different tabs in Castor and to open/close dialog windows. 

Use Alt + ? (in Windows) or Option + ? (On a Mac) to display all available keyboard shortcuts: 

  • Use Ctrl + Alt + > and Ctrl + Alt + < to navigate between different tabs (Records, Structure, Form etc.). 
  • Use Alt + > and Alt + <  to navigate between sub-tabs (tabs within the main tabs, e.g., Study, Report, Survey).
  • Use Alt + n from within the Records tab to create a new record and Alt + n from within the Form tab to create a new field.
  • Alt + f in the Records tab focuses on the record search and in the Form tab focuses on the field finder.
  • Use 'Esc' to close the 'Keyboard shortcuts' window.
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