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I cannot delete my report structure

To remove a report structure from the study, all report instances must be deleted first and once there are no report instances left in the study, the report structure itself can be removed. If the study has never been set to 'live', just delete the active and archived report instances. 

Note: If you have created a record and there are also reports in it, those are the report instances. In the 'Reports' tab you can see if there are still reports and you can delete them. Also, please remember that it could be that you need to remove the Repeated Measure fields in your study forms that use this report. In addition, check if you have deleted all reports for all institutes, as in some cases you might not be able to see the reports for the institutes for which you do not have relevant rights. 

Lastly, please keep in mind that if the study has been set to live, according to GCP it is not possible to delete the report structure anymore.  In this situation you can either rename the unwanted report structure so that users do not create reports using this structure, or blind users from it.

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