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Using the researcher platform

The researcher application contains information about each of the research participants. The researcher can also access the signed consent forms and countersign them. 

The record list

  • Linking status: Shows whether a participant is linked to a record ID or not. (a record ID will be linked when a participant associated with that ID completes the registration process and signs the eConsent)

  • Consent updated: Shows the date and time of the latest update.

  • Consent: can be given when the participant signed the consent form ‘Consent’, declined in case the participant has read the form but declined or revoked meaning that the participant had signed the form previously but then revoked consent later.

  • Other columns: these are customizable according to the project and are based on optional checkboxes. For example:“Future use” - corresponds to the participant's response to a checkbox with a label “I allow the research team to use my data for other research projects in the field of X”.

By clicking on a row within a record/participant, it is possible to access more detailed information related to it, such as the participant’s name, telephone number, email address, and the signed consent forms.

Unlocking and/or signing a formWhen a participant joins the project, the consent form can be provided in a read-only version. To unlock a read-only form, a user from the research team needs to unlock it in the record details page.The consent form will then be available for the participant to be signed. To sign the form, participants need to check all required checkboxes (as established during the project definition). After the participant has signed the form, it is available to be countersigned by the research team (if applicable). 

After each signature, a downloadable PDF file can be generated in both applications. Notifications can be sent to the research team when a consent status is updated.

Inviting new study team members

It is possible to add other researchers to the project once they have created an account. To do so, click the “edit” button and add them with their email address. 

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