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Can I use reports/repeated measures in surveys?

It is not possible to use reports or repeated measures in surveys. Please consider the following alternatives for reports/repeated measures in surveys:

Using grid fields

Create a grid field to collect measurements. You could add a radio button and an additional grid field in case more measurements are required. Make the additional grid field dependent on the radio button field. 

This is how it looks like in a survey:

Selecting 'Yes' for the question '9. Additional measurements needed?' will display another grid field:

Using field dependencies

It is possible to create several fields and make them dependent. For example, in the survey below, the first question is 'How many pregnancies did you have?'. Depending on the number of pregnancies, the respective number of questions will appear:

This is how it looks like in a survey:

Please note that it is advisable that the dependent fields are located on the same page as the question on which they are dependent. If the dependent fields are located in a different step without any other fields, the step will be shown as blank. If you opt out for this option, you could add a remark field to instruct the respondents to proceed to the next page.

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