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Troubleshooting: Why does my automation not work?

There can be multiple reasons your automation behaves differently than you expect. See a couple of explanations below. If this article doesn't explain the behavior of your automation, feel free to contact us at

Automations are only triggered if the event is executed

This means that if you already have executed the event (e.g. updating a field value, or adding an email address), then the automation will not run retrospectively. The event needs to be executed, before the automation runs.

Automations that send surveys are only triggered once per record ID

This means that if you have archived a record for which the automation already triggered, then it won't be triggered again if you recreate a record with the same ID. This is something that often happens during testing.

A query will only be created once when the automation is triggered
A query will only be created once when the automation is triggered and it is not possible  for the same  query to be created again within the same field of a specific record ID. For example, if a query is triggered for a record with ID 100001 for a field 'Date', if a record is deleted (e.g. during testing phase) and re-created again, a query will not be triggered for the 'Date' field for the newly created record ID 100001.

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