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Studies overview

After logging in, the “Studies” overview will be displayed. The overview will show the list of the studies to which you have been invited to participate. 

Studies overview consists of the following elements:

  1. Servers: Here the data storage locations are displayed. There are two server locations available: Europe and the United States. Study data is only stored on one of our servers and only one server location can be accessed at a time. If you don’t see any studies please make sure to check a different server location.

  2. Invitations: If you are invited to a study, but you have not accepted the invite yet, the study will be listed in the top panel. It is possible to either accept or reject an invitation to a study. Once you have accepted the invitation, you will be able to open a study.

  3. Studies: once you have accepted an invitation to a study, it will appear in the ‘Studies’ list.

  4. Status: Testing (Castor), Testing (Customer), Live. Read more about the status in the article here.

  5. Study title: name of the study

  6. Main contact: main contact of the study. If the main contact has been invited to the study, but have not accepted the invitation yet, the status will be ‘Main contact invited’

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