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Subjects are participants who are invited to the study. From the 'Subjects' page you can add new subjects to your study and manage the existing ones.

Subject ID: field to specify the subject ID.
Invite Status: displays the status of the invitation. The following statuses are available - accepted, invited, rejected.
Consent Status: status of the consent form. The following statuses are available - consented, awaiting consent, awaiting re-consent.
Invited On: date and time when the invitation email was sent to a subject
Consented On: date and time when the subject signed the consent form
ICF version: the version of the informed consent form to which the subject has consented.
Site: site where the subject has been recruited.
Country: country to which the site is linked.


Double clicking on the Subject ID will open the Profile of a subject which displays Subject profile, Consent information, Personal details, and Video call:

  • Linked ICFs are removable from the subject via the ‘Remove’ action.

Click on the 'Subjects' tab to go back to an overview with all the subjects.

Consent forms

The 'Consent forms' tab displays consent forms for a specific subject:

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