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Castor EDC 2021.3 release notes

Release date: 3 June 2021

Study Configuration

‘Castor Connect’ added to configuration options for internal (Castor) users to make Castor Connect configurable/usable within a study. The below Castor EDC features apply only to studies with Castor Connect turned ON. Ongoing studies are not/will not have access and/or visibility of the below unless requested.

Survey Packages

  • Ability to configure surveys specifically for presentation in Castor Connect app added to survey package configuration options

  • Invitation subject and invitation message will be pre-populated and uneditable for mobile survey packages

  • Users will be able to define the contents and send time (in hours; expire after [x] hours) of a reminder push message

    • Reminder subject will have a maximum of 30 characters, as this will be displayed as part of a notification on the phone.

    • Reminder message will have a maximum of 65 characters, as this will be displayed as part of a notification on the phone. 

    • Send reminder will be determined in hours instead of days

Castor Connect Authentication (EDC)

  • Authentication emails are only sent the first time the record receives a mobile enabled survey package. The mail contains an authentication link that can be used to authenticate within the mobile app. The link in this email will expire within 72 hours.

  • For any following survey, the user will be notified through the app instead of by email.

  • If a user is unable to authenticate before the link expires, then an invitation can be resent using a dedicated button in the record’s survey overview

Survey Package Invitations

  • The create survey package invitation dialog will have an available from date for mobile survey packages instead setting a specific date for the survey package invitation. When the available from date is left empty, the survey package invitation will be available directly in the app once sent.

Survey Overview Screen

  • Invitations for mobile enabled surveys cannot be edited or resent.

  • Options to open the survey in a popup or open the survey in a new window are not available for mobile enabled surveys.

  • The action Resend Castor Connect invite will be available for mobile survey invitations to resend the authentication link.

2021.3.1 - 14 June 2021

  • Fixed a bug where form sync wasn't working in specific cases.
  • Added a randomization endpoint for the API.
  • Fixed a bug where underscores in record generation patterns were generating wrong incremental record ids.


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