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Castor Connect 2021.1 release notes

Release date: 14 June 2021

Castor Connect Authentication (App)

  • Users must install the application before attempting to register or activate

  • Users receive an email from EDC with an authentication link in it. This authentication link will open the app for the specified record in EDC. The user will need to authenticate with this link a first time before surveys will be displayed in the app.

  • The user will need to set up the app with a pin code. This code will need to be entered whenever the app is opened.

Survey overview

  • When the user is logged in the app, they will see their overview of pending surveys and completed surveys. If there is any survey pending, the user can click on the survey and it will be opened.

Survey Completion

  • Users are able to complete surveys within the app. Currently supported functionality for mobile surveys:

    • Survey package intro/outro texts and survey intro/outro texts

    • All existing survey fields are available with the exception of:

      • Summary

      • QR Code

      • Grid

      • File uploads

      • Image fields

    • Field validations:

      • Information

      • Warning

      • Error

      • Exclusion

    • Field dependencies

  • On the top of the screen there is a progress bar indicating the percentage of questions completed for the current survey.


  • After the user is authenticated in the app. The app will send notifications for the following events:

    • A new survey is available

    • Reminder for surveys that are not yet completed and are about to expire

    • Additional reminders that can be configured in EDC

Offline mode

  • Should a user lose internet connection, the status indicator on the home screen will display ‘Offline’

  • Surveys downloaded when online will remain presented for completion according to their configuration in offline mode

  • Any surveys completed when offline, will be stored locally until a connection is re-established - upon restoring connection, the app will attempt to re-submit data on next login to the app

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