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How do I use bold/italic/underlined text?

In Castor, it is possible to format the text style in field labels,  option names from option groups or in the additional info text for any field. Formatting can also be applied to the survey introduction text. These are some possibilities:

  • For italic text, use: *text*
    • text 
  • For bold text, use: **text**
    • text 
  • For underlined text, use: ***text***
    • text
  • For italic and underlined text, use: _***text***_
    • text
  • For bold and underlined text, use: __***text***__
    • text

To create sub-headings in survey invitations, use the hash (#) to format:

# Heading One

## Heading Two

### Heading Three

These give the following outputs:

Heading One 

Heading Two 

Heading Three

Please note: when using the heading formatting, it is not possible to combine this format type with the markdown (bold/italic/underline) formatting.  Formatting cannot be used in options in option groups.

Learn more about formatting surveys and survey packages here: Format survey and survey package text

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