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Can I lock and archive my study once it is complete?

Once a study is complete, we recommend performing the following actions:

1) Lock all records

2) Export a copy of the study data 

3) Set the study to 'not live' in the 'Settings' tab

4) Remove all users and study admins can reduce their own rightsIt is recommended that study admins leave themselves as the only user, and remove all user rights except 'View', 'Export' 'Manage Records' and 'Manage Settings'. 

5) Archive the study. Once the study is 'closed', you can archive the study in the 'My studies' overview, which will remove it from the overview for all users and prevent users from accessing it in future.

The data is stored for at least 25 years (depending on local laws).
Our policy is to always match relevant, local regulations. In this case, the new Clinical Trial Regulation will require the Clinical Trial Master File to be stored for 25 years. Castor will ensure that we support storage of data (including the original audit trail) for that time period unless our customers explicitly do not require us to (as they might archive it elsewhere).

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