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Export into SAS

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a system developed to perform statistical analysis by altering, managing and retrieving data from a variety of sources.

Castor EDC supports export of collected data in the SAS format of choice (SAS XPT or SAS 7BDAT). The options are available in the data (records) export dialogue. 

This feature is currently available upon customer request without any additional fee. To enable it please contact Castor support at and provide the study id where you would like to have this functionality enabled.

Once this feature is enabled for you, to export the data in SAS format, click the ‘Actions’ button in the Records overview and choose ‘Export all’ to export all records or ‘Export selected’ or “Export filtered’ to export a selection of records. In the ‘Data Export’ dialog window, choose the option to export into the SAS format of your choice. 

As the study data can have a significant size, the user requesting export will be notified upon export completion by email and provided with a direct link to a download area.   

Converting CastorEDC files for the SAS export must take into account the following limitations in order for the SAS Export to be successful:

  • Please make sure that the used option value & option label combinations are unique across your study.
    For example, if you have an option group ‘Yes/No’ with value 1 for ‘Yes’ and 0 for ‘No’, and another option group ‘Yes/No/Maybe’ with the values 1 for ‘Yes’, 0 for ‘No’, and 2 for ‘Maybe’, the SAS export won’t be successful. 

  • Please be aware that Study structure element’s names may be adjusted to be suitable with the SAS table format:  Names larger than 30 characters will be truncated and will receive a prefix to ensure uniqueness.

  • The SAS 7bdat files are generated in 64-bit Linux environment, therefore they can only be opened on 64-bit Linux environment. If you are using a different environment, we recommend utilizing the XPT files which can be used in any environment.

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