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Castor Connect 2021.2 release notes

Android release date: 3 December 2021
iOS release date: 1 February 2022

Additional fields available in Castor Connect

  • Users can now build mobile-enabled surveys using ¬†the summary field¬†
    • Summary fields can display other question responses from within the same submission - for example, you could provide a helpful review screen at the end of your survey summarising the participant's responses

Greater visibility of participant data and permissions

  • A new setting screen has been added within the app to act as a hub for participants wanting to manage their data and permissions
  • Within the settings screen, users now have a 'Data' area that allows then to see their current connectivity status and a list of previously submitted surveys
    • This list of submitted data will indicate whether the data was successfully submitted, or is pending
    • A new sync button will be made available, allowing users to manually prompt their app to submit their data to Castor's servers
  • Also within the setting screen, a new permissions screen makes it clear to users what the Castor Connect app has access to, and has been granted permission to use during their time participating on the study

Enhanced reminders

  • Push notifications associated with the sending of ad hoc mobile survey packages have been migrated to a more reliable, sever-based system - meaning that sending a survey package to a participant ('right now') will trigger a push notification for users of the new version of the application
    • How reminders are configures remains the same as previous

Minor Changes

  • Issues resolved where a limited number of fields would have a default value when first navigate to = now no default response
  • Mobile survey start and end times will not be displayed within the portal audit trail
    • 'Start time' for the purposes of mobile survey packages will be the time a participant opened the survey package they later successfully submitted
    • 'End time' for the purposes of mobile survey packages will be the time a participant completed their survey locally
  • An issue that caused negative values to be disallowed in some numeric fields has been resolved
  • Participants who are archived by their clinician in the Castor portal will no longer be able to complete assessments in-app; this can be resolved by unarchiving the participant

Release 2021.2.1 - 10 February 2021

  • Resolved issue where in limited circumstances the app being minimized would cause an issue with being able to display survey packages correctly.
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