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Castor Connect 2022.1 release notes

Tentative release date: March 2022

QR Activation

You can also now generate and share an activation QR code to enable participants to scan and activate their Castor Connect app. This can be done with the new “activation management” function in the record survey view.

Training Surveys

Mobile surveys can now be configured as ‘Training’ surveys within the survey package configuration options in the platform.

By setting a mobile survey package as “Training”,it means that:

  • This training survey will have to be completed before other survey packages can be completed

  • Once completed, this training survey will be stored in the app settings menu for recompletion if needed.

  • Within the platform, the survey package

This can be used at the beginning of the participant’s journey to ensure they understand the study technology, or to guide them if they have been struggling with compliance by recompleting it. 

Image Fields

The image field can now be added to mobile-enabled survey packages within the Castor form builder meaning they can now be presented in-app on  Castor Connect enabled studies. Images can be added as fields with labels, the same way they can in our web surveys. 

By adding images, such as visual instructions or example pictures, you can help participants understand your survey, inspire them or create a more engaging experience.

Changes to Update Management

The app now includes a ‘forced upgrade’ option to enable Castor to push out critical updates that impact core functionality or security. When this happens, users will need to ensure their application is updated.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are now managed entirely by the Castor platform to improve overall reliability, and give us a wider range of possible notification features in future releases. This means that push notifications now require an internet connection to be received, but are much more reliable. Notifications are still associated with the configured availability of a survey package (when it becomes available, when a reminder is configured, and prior to it expiring if it has still not been completed.)

Minor Changes and Updates

  • Addition of notification/task indicator to the app icon when tasks are available for completion

  • Addition of an indicator to the bottom of the screen when a page can be scrolled

  • Clearer error messaging when calculation fields fail due to missing values

  • Addition of page auto-scrolling when a validation message is triggered

  • Resolved an issue where users could get kicked from the app when updating permissions

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