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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Creating the study forms

    1. How can I add new institutes?
    2. What are 'required' fields?
    3. How do I get an overview of my variables and option groups?
    4. How do I use bold/italic/underlined text?
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  2. Collecting data

    1. How can I verify data in Castor?
    2. Can I change the values for missing data?
    3. Where can I review the audit trail?
    4. Can I sort the reports in a certain order?
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  3. Going live

    1. What does "going live" mean?
    2. How do I set my study to live?
    3. Can I still change the forms when my study is live?
  4. Surveys

    1. What is the difference between surveys, survey packages and survey package invitations?
    2. Can surveys be filled in on site?
    3. Can I create one general survey link that can be shared with multiple participants?
    4. How can I test a survey?
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  5. Importing and exporting data

    1. Can I import existing data into Castor?
    2. What are the limits for importing data?
    3. Can I import reports into Castor?
    4. Can I import email addresses to which I will send surveys?
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  6. Users and user rights

    1. Can I send an email to the users in my study?
    2. When are "manage records" rights necessary?
    3. What are user roles?
    4. How can I test data entry in a study which is not live yet?
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  7. Automation Engine

    1. I want to show a phase or step instead of hiding it. How do I do that?
    2. Will changing the name of a phase affect the automations?
    3. Can I create automations based on randomization allocation?
  8. Advanced Castor features

    1. What is large file upload, and how do I add this feature to my study?
    2. What is metadata?
    3. Can I use an Application Programming Interface (API) to access Castor?
    4. How can I check my study statistics?
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  9. Troubleshooting

    1. After copying a step, all dependencies disappeared
    2. I use two-factor authentication and have a new device
    3. I created a record with a wrong record ID. Can I change it?
    4. How can I request a study back-up recovery?
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  10. Costs and payment

    1. When is my study free of charge?
    2. What payment methods are available for my study, and what will it cost?
    3. My study has more inclusions/lasts longer then expected. Now what?
    4. Is there a demo version of Castor available?
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  11. Miscellaneous

    1. Can I work in Castor using other languages?
    2. Is there a data back-up in Castor?
    3. How can I migrate a study to another server?
    4. How do I cite Castor EDC in my paper?
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