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Import report data

If you're looking to import study data, check this article: Import study data.

It is possible to import report data.  In order to import report data the csv-file must contain: a Record ID, a phase (if any), a report and a custom name. Make sure the custom names are unique for every report. When you choose the import type "report import" you need to fill in the following fields:

  1. Browse to select the report file you want to import.
  2. Make sure you have set this to report to see the following dropdowns.
  3. Define the column from your csv-file that contains the record ID.
  4. Define the column from your csv-file that contains the custom name of the report.
  5. Define the column from your csv-file that contains the phase (if any) the report is attached to.

Click on "Upload" to upload the data into your CRF.

Example of a report import file:

Note: you cannot create new records while importing reports (unlike with importing study data), so the records have to be existent first before importing.

Import repeated measure data

First create an export of your data in Excel and select the repeated measure to export (even if you don't have any data currently) - this will create the columns that you need to fill in and you can simply add your data there. The only column that you don't need to fill in is the 'creation date' column as this is automatically created with the creation of the report. This is what your sheet prepared for import should look like:

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