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The 'Remark' field

The remark field is not a real field where a user can enter data, but rather a line of text that can be added to your forms to provide a user with more information and structure the form. Add the text you want to display in the 'label' section of the field. 

To add a remark field, select 'Remark' in the field type panel:

In the resulting dialog window, you can add the text that you want to display in the field:

This is what a remark field looks like in the study, in this example, a remark used to provide information about the next question or section of the form:

The maximum input for the remark field is 1024 characters. It is possible to format remark fields by using the markdown shown when hovering your cursor on the info icon:

  • For italic text, use: *text*
    • Output: text
  • For bold text, use: **text**
    • Output: text
  • For underlined text, use: ***text***
    • Output: text
  • To insert a hyperlink, use the following template: [description](link).

Some things to keep in mind:

Adding multiple remark fields after each other in the study forms will add a space between them:

This can be used instead of bullet points. 

Adding one remark field after another in a survey will not create this space, but instead will become one large field:


The Remark field is never exported as data, but is listed in the study variable list (separate sheet in Excel).

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