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Using the record ID, institute or country in a calculation

Sometimes you may need to reference study information across the study (forms, reports or surveys). Using the following tags you can retrieve the information described below when and where it's necessary. For instance, if you want to show the institute or country in data entry, or if you want to create a dependency based on the institute or country where the record belongs:

  • Institute ID: "{instituteId}"
  • Institute abbreviation: "{castorInstituteAbbreviation}"
  • Institute name: "{castorInstituteName}"
  • Institute country: "{castorInstituteCountryName}"
  • Institute country code: "{castorInstituteCountryCode}" (2 letters) or "{castorInstituteCountryCode3}" (3 letters)
  • Record ID: "{recordId}" 
  • User ID will show the ID of the currently logged in user: "{userId}"

* Note: all these tags refer to each record individually

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