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Check if all fields are filled in

If you want to check whether certain fields are filled in, you can use the template below. In this template, there are 2 fields: 

Variable name Field label
dem_pat_gender Gender
dem_pat_yob Year of Birth

Replace the labels and variable names in the template with your own. 

var req_labels = ["Gender", "Year of Birth"];
var req_fields = ["{dem_pat_gender}", "{dem_pat_yob}"];
var incomplete = false;
var missingVars = "";
if(incomplete === true){
    "Fields are missing: " + missingVars;
function checkCompleteness(value, index, array) {
  if(value ==  "'NA'" ){ 
      incomplete = true;
      missingVars  += req_labels[index];
      missingVars  += ", ";

If not all fields are filled in, the calculation will show "Fields are missing: ", followed by the field labels of the fields that are empty. If all fields are filled in, the calculation will have the value "Yes". You can choose to add a data validation message if the calculation field value is not equal to "Yes".

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