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Calculation Field Helper walk-through

The calculation helper tool is used to check the syntax and output of your calculations. You can find the calculation helper by clicking on the Support button:

In the tool page you will see different buttons and sections:

  • Define your variables: In the field on the left you have to define the variables that you are going to use (see the example).  In the example the patient's weight is 80 and their height is 1.80. 
  • Calculation template: In the field on the right you can build your own calculation (in this case with the variable {pat_weight} and {pat_height}). 
  • Update calculation: Use this button to refresh the calculation template.
  • Save calculation: Clicking this button will generate a link and copy it to clipboard in case you would like to share or save the calculation to use later.
  • Syntax check: If there are any issues with your script, they will appear in this field.
  • Final formula: Here you will see the calculation template with the actual values of the variables.
  • Result: The final outcome of the calculation will be displayed in this field.

When contacting Castor EDC support with questions about calculations, we recommend adding the stored calculation link to your message. Accessing the calculation details can help us answer your question.

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