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How can I print a survey?

It is possible to print a survey both when you open a survey from a record or when you accessing a survey through a 'Surveys' tab. Once you select a survey you want to print, just click on the cogwheel icon. The following menu will appear:

Just click on 'Print survey' and it is done!

To transfer the questionnaire from the paper into the system later, set the survey 'Send on date / schedule' field to 'Decide later'. This makes sure the survey invitation isn't sent to your patients' email. Once the invitation has been saved, you may fill out the survey with the information from the papers by going to each of the patients' records -> going to the 'Surveys' tab within the record -> clicking on the settings cog for the survey package -> and finally selecting 'Open survey in new window' from the drop down. The survey will open in a new tab and allow you to fill it out.

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