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Print the study forms

Learn how to create a printable version of your study forms.

Print study, report or a survey

Navigate to the 'Records' tab. In the upper right corner, click on the 'Actions' button, then click on 'Print empty CRF':

Alternatively, navigate to the 'Forms' tab. You can print either the structure of your Study (i.e. all phases/steps and their fields), all Reports or all Surveys by clicking on the 'Print'  icon in the right upper corner:


After clicking 'Print', the print dialog window appears:

Use the dropdown menu to select whether to print the study structure, report structure or survey structure. Use the additional checkboxes to confirm if you want to include the helptext, additional info, calculation fields templates or hidden calculation fields in the resulting printout.

Save as PDF

If you want to save a PDF version of your Study, Reports or Surveys, choose Adobe PDF as your printer and follow the instructions after pressing OK: 

If you do not have Adobe PDF available as a printer, CutePDF Writer offers the same functionality.

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