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The 'Add Report Button' field

After a report has been created, you can use the report button to allow users to quickly access a report form from your CRF. 

You can add a field in your study forms that will display a button which can quickly add a specific report during data entry. The reports are automatically linked to the parent phase or report, so you can easily keep track of when specific events happened: 

Add Report button

To create a report button, select the 'Add Report Button' field from the list of field types in 'Form' > Study': 

Choose the position, add a label (this is the text displayed on the button in the CRF), choose the field type 'add report button' and choose the report that you want to link to this button from the available options in the dropdown menu.

Report button in the data entry

If a user clicks the report button during data entry, a dialog window will appear:

Details such as the 'Report' and 'Attach to' are already completed. A default name is suggested for the report instance, however it is recommended to rename the form and click 'Create' to open the report view.

Video tutorial

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