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Server: selecting data storage location

On the Login screen, you can select the server you want to access. Studies that are started on one server, e.g the EU server in the Netherlands, can not be accessed when logged in to another server. The same login credentials apply for all servers, and you will still be able to see all the studies that you are participating in, but to access them you will be required to re-enter your account credentials on the appropriate server.

For example:

  • Study A is on the Netherlands server meaning that all users, irrespective of location, have to select 'Netherlands (' when logging in.
  • Study B is stored on the US Server meaning that all users must select 'United States (' when logging in.

If you log in via the US server, you will still see all the studies that you are part of (so both A and B in this example) and you can directly access study B. However to access study A, you will be redirected to the NL login (the NL server will be selected by default when redirected) and you will need to log in again. 

Selecting a server for a new study

If you want to start a new study on a different server than your current studies, just go to the login page, select the server and login using your existing account username and password.

Once you are logged in, you can check which server you are logged in to by checking the URL in the address bar of your browser: means that you are logged in and will be creating the study on the server located in the Netherlands corresponds to the server in the United Kingdom corresponds to the server in the United States

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